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It is a good idea to do a bit of planning prior to your visit to Loreto. Many Loreto tour companies need a minimum amount of people signed up in order to go out. For example, if the snorkel tour needs a total of $200.00 to make a profit, the total price for everyone needs to exceed $200.00. So, if its just two people, it might be $100.00 per person, but if there are four (4) people, then it would be $50.00 per person. 

Also, availability can be an issue if the tour is full or the tour operator realized they haven't signed up anyone on lets say Tuesday, so he took it off to do work around the house. This doesn't mean you cannot find a tour company to take you out the same day or the next, it just might be more difficult.

Lastly, the tour operator who gets the "money" might be a different person than the one who takes you on the Loreto tour. If your captain provided good service, then you should tip' em accordingly. 

There are plenty of things to do in Loreto, Mexico. Although Loreto is a quiet town, it can also feel like Disneyland for adults. Relax on a catamaran, snorkel the reefs of Loreto, play a round of golf, get a massage, take a tour to the islands, scuba dive the depths of Loreto Bay Marine Park, take a tour to the missions, peek through the sea on a glass bottom boat, rent a kayak. There is so much to do in Loreto.

It is a good idea to contact a Loreto tour company prior to visiting to get an idea of availability and costs. Some Loreto tours are by reservation only, while some may take you the next day or even that same day. 



Isla Coronado offers white sand beaches and the turquoise water you have been dreaming about. There are several Loreto tour operators that can take you by panga to the island.

There you can relax, snorkel, have a drink, its all up to you! Its about a 30 minute boat ride from the marina. 

top things to do in Loreto, Mexico, fun, best things to do in Loreto



There is a beautiful naturally protected Marina located about 15 minutes south of Loreto.

They offer rentals, bare foot charters, fishing, tours and more. You might check it out when you book your tour, or just to check it out. There is a restaurant where you can have a delicious meal over looking the harbor.

top things to do in Loreto, Mexico, fun, best things to do in Loreto
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