Cellular Phone Service in Mexico Making Phone Calls
Cellular Phone Service in Mexico Making Phone Calls

Check if your cell phone carrier already provides service in Mexico

Check with your mobile carrier if you are good to make and receive calls/texts. Verizon has no extra charges.


Below is how to make a phone call in Mexico using a US cell phone

*On August 3, 2019, Mexico got rid of all of the prefixes (01, 045, 044) and goes to standard 10 digit numbers: 3 digit area code + 7 digit phone number. Trust me, this is easier than the weird old way of doing things.


So, from a US cell phone, first you have to dial the exit code which is 011. Then you dial the county code which is 52 then dial the number.


For example if the phone number is 777-555-1234 you would dial 011-52-777-555-1234.

If you are using a cell phone, you can use the plus + sign instead of dialing the exit code. If you notice on your cell phone key pad, there is a plus + sign sharing the "0" key. Press down on the "0" key until the plus + sign appears. Now you don't have to enter the exit code. 

So in the above example you would dial +52-777-555-1234

When you dial it will ring/sound differently than in the United States. You will hear a beep every second or so (no ringing).