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Golf Courses In Loreto

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There are two (2) golf courses in and around Loreto which are quite popular in the cooler months. There is the "Loreto Bay Golf Resort" in Loreto Bay and the "TPC Danzante Bay" about 30 minutes south of the airport. Both golf courses provide scenic views of Loreto, challenging holes and well maintained fairways and greens.

Playing Golf in Loreto Bay

In Loreto Bay, there is a beautiful golf course where you can play next to the Sea of Cortez. Bring some golf balls in your suitcase, the Sea of Cortez loves golf balls. The Loreto Bay Golf course is challenging, yet sometimes forgiving. 

High season for the Loreto Bay Golf Course is in the late fall through early spring, when temperatures in Loreto are perfect. The golf course meanders around the town of Nopolo / Loreto Bay, hugs the sea cliffs and interlaced through the estuary. 

You will have a great outing of golf in Loreto Bay, even if your score doesn't show it. Just relax your swing and relax your mind, when you head to to the Loreto bay Golf Course and you will have a wonderful time!

The Loreto Bay clubhouse is located in the middle of town, on the west side of the paseo. 

loreto, Golf, Loreto Bay, Golfing, Rates, golf courses in loreto
Golf in Loreto, TPC Danzante Bay

South of Loreto and Loreto Bay, is the hotel Villa Del Palmar. TPC Danzante Bay is a top notch golf course. "TPC" or Tournament Players Club, means that it is operated by the PGA Tour.

To get to the great golf at Dazante Bay, take Highway 1 from the airport for about 24 miles. World class golf awaits you at TPC Dazante Bay. This golf course offers views of the Sea of Cortez straddling dramatic cliffs, challenging elevation changes and epic greens.

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