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Where Are The Atms In Loreto, Mexico?

ATMs in Loreto, Loreto, ATMs, map
ATMs in Loreto, Loreto, ATMs, map

Places That Have ATMs In Loreto, Mexico

Banco Azteca
Leys (Banemex)

Coppel ATM
Sante Fe Hotel
Pedro's Place (Loreto Bay)

Map Of Locations  That Have ATMs In Loreto, Mexico

Avoid Being Scammed at the ATM!

It doesn't happen every time, but if the ATM gives you the option to withdraw in USD or Pesos, always pick Pesos! The ATM might try to scare you about "floating" rates or incurring exchange risk, but this prompt is 100% a scam. It might make you confirm on multiple different screens, but only because if you click the wrong button, it is incredibly profitable for the ATM. Your bank will almost certainly use a better exchange rate (within 1% of reality) while the exchange rate the ATM is offering, while "fixed", is awful, often equivalent to more than 5% from the spot rate!

In the example below, my bank ended up charging me $411 (instead of $435.92). Pushing that "USD" button would have given me the same number of pesos (8,000), but my account would have been debited $25 USD extra!


Tips On Using ATMs In Loreto, Mexico

There are several ATMs in the city of Loreto. This is a great alternative to "exchanging" your Dollars for Pesos before arriving. Some of the ATMs around Loreto are located at the banks such as BBVA or in stores.

You will likely get charged a service/transaction fee from the Loreto ATM which is usually around 37 pesos to 160 Pesos. Your bank will probably also charge you for using a non-"your-bank-here" ATM, usually another $5.

When you pull out money, the amount you withdraw is specified in Pesos. 

Most of the ATMs in Loreto have a limit of how much you can withdraw. These limits change depending on how much money the ATM has left, your account limits, and the ATM's configured maximum. The maximum amount that you can withdrawal from an ATM in Loreto is about 9,000 to 10,000 Pesos.

Try to withdraw the most you can i.e. 10,000 Pesos. If that doesn't work, try to withdrawal 9,000 Pesos, then 8,000, then 7,000 and so on.

It is better to withdraw as much as you can to save on bank fees. Why spend $5 on your bank fee for $100 worth of Pesos, when you can spend $5 on $400 worth of Pesos.

ATMs in Loreto might be "empty" and the ATM will not allow you to withdraw any amount. The error message usually doesn't tell you what is wrong, so if you get an error, trying another ATM might work for you. This usually occurs around paydays and holidays. Paydays are on the 1st and the 15th of each month.

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