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Spa Treatments and Massages in Loreto

Getting a massage is the perfect thing to do when you go on vacation/holiday in Loreto. Let the stresses of life disappear while you get pampered in Loreto. Massages help your body and mind work better, by relieving pain caused by stiff muscles. A Loreto massage therapist can help you achieve vacation bliss.

Call and set up an appointment with one of Loreto's therapist today.

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 Loreto Spa Treatments, Massages, Facials and More

There are several places in Loreto that offer spa treatments, massages facials and more. The prices for the spa treatments in Loreto are reasonable. Just make sure to call and set up an appointment. Businesses in Loreto are sometimes closed during the slow season and/or the businesses will only be open certain hours/days depending on demand. 

Spa Treatments & Massages in Loreto

La Giganta Hills Spa

Located across of the airport

+52 613 109 0133

Las Flores Spa & Boutique  


Located in the City of Loreto by the Mission and the walkway under the trees.       


 +52 (613) 114 9691 

Loreto Bay Hotel


Located in Nopolo       


+52 613 133 0010

Sabila Spa and Wellness Center


Located in Villa Del Palmar     


1 800 790 4187

Spa at La Mision

Located in Loreto    


+52 613 134 0350 

Live Spa by Loreto

Located in Loreto off the Malecon 


+52 624 179 8620

Loreto Garden Spa & Salon

Located in in the north part of Loreto off Highway 1


+52 613 117 3385

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