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Live Webcam From Loreto, Mexico Loreto Bay Webcam

There is a Live Webcam set up at the Hotel Mision in Loreto, Mexico. The webcam shows views of Loreto's Malecon, the Hotel and the marina in Loreto. The street you see in the webcam is called Paseo A. Lorpez Mateos, which runs along the water in Loreto.

This area of Loreto is close to the "busy" spots. Here, there are plenty of restaurants, bars and shops. Loreto has some really delicious food, so make sure you wander around and find something to eat while you are in Loreto. Or stand outside the hotel and wave at the webcam to your friends who aren't having a fabulous time in Loreto like you!

Live Webcam Video Of Loreto, Mexico,
Hotel Mision 

We Provided a Couple Links to Loreto Webcams Below Showing Villa Del Palmar and the TPC Danzante Bay Golf Course


Villa Del Palmar is a large hotel just south of Loreto. The Loreto webcam here, shows views of hotel and Loreto Bay. Further in the distance is Isla Danzante, which is pat of the five islands of Loreto.


The webcam for TPC Danzante Bay is the golf course located at Villa Del Palmar in Loreto. This Loreto webcam shows terrific views of hole #17, which is surrounded by Danzante Bay. As you can see from the Loreto webcam, it is simply beautiful. 

Take a drive from the city of Loreto and visit. Maybe, you'll want to stay here the next time you visit Loreto. And, you can be on the 17th hole webcam in Loreto.

Live Webcam Video Of Loreto, Mexico, Villa Del Palmar

See A Live Webcam Of Loreto, Mexico

Its always nice to see a live webcam feed of Loreto, Mexico. If you been to Loreto before, the webcam reminds you of how you miss Loreto. If you have never been to Loreto, the webcam will show why you need to go to Loreto. It would be nice if there were some webcams in Loreto to show you how beautiful that area is right now. Unfortunately, we have not come across any webcams in Loreto Bay that we can share with you. If we ever find a webcam in Loreto Bay, we will post it here!

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