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Night Life In Loreto

There is not much of a night life in Loreto compared to other tourist destinations. That's because, there is not enough tourists at night to support a night life for every bar on every night. So, sometimes there may be a few people in each restaurant and if those few people leave, then it's empty. 

But sometimes you will have a big group of friends go to a particular bar and then another big group sees that it looks fun and so they join in on the fun and then poof, you have a busy bar. 

If the bar is not busy, then they may just close their doors for the rest of the night, but,  IF 1) there is enough people who want to party and 2) the customers are buying drinks and tipping well, they will stay open, even past their normal hours.

Loreto Bay has a curfew of 10 PM in many places, but some businesses will stay open later, like the Hotel.. If you and some friends are planning on drinking at the hotel or another business, let them know when you are coming and then they might stay open or plan on staying open later.  

Many times the restaurants in Loreto Bay will have live music on a certain night and usually it rotates throughout the community. The restaurant that had the music for that night, usually has a more lively crowd. 

The best places in the city of Loreto are in and near the city plaza. Here is a map of the plaza, officially called "Plaza Civica", but i've never heard anyone local call it that!

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