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Mexico Fishing Limits & Regulations

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Maximum Amount Of Fish You Can Catch In Mexico

Mexico goes by a point system for the number of fish you can catch. Each fisherman can catch up to 10 points of fish. 

You cannot catch more than 5 points of the same species per day. 


  • Any type of Billfish (Marlin, Sailfish, Swordfish) are 5 points each. 

    • Only one Billfish can be taken per day​

    • You cannot take a Marlin and a Sailfish since they are both Billfish

  • Dorado, Roosterfish, Gulf Grouper and Tarpon: 2.5 points each. 

    • Only 2 of each of these fish can be taken per day

  • Any other species are 1 point each

    • These would include but are not limited to: Tuna, Cabrilla, Wahoo, Yellowtail, Grouper, Rock Fish, Trigger Fish etc.​

Here are some examples:

  • 2 Dorado + 5 other fish (Tuna, Yellowtail, Cabrilla) = 10

  • 2 Dorado + 1 Marlin = 10

  • 2 Dorado + 2 Rooster fish =10

  • 2 Dorado + 1 Yellowtail + 1 Cabrilla + 1 Yellowfin + 1 Barracuda + 1 Albacore = 10 points and you're done.​

Other Mexico Fishing Regulations

Does Everyone In The Boat Need A Fishing License?

Yes, if you have fishing equipment in the boat, then everyone needs a fishing license, regardless of age (children too)

How Many Fishing Poles Can I Use?

You can only use one pole per person.

Do I Need A Mexican Fishing License When Fishing From Shore?​

No, you do not need a fishing license when fishing from shore.

What Is The Catch Limit For Squid?

You can catch up to 5 Squid per day.

What Are The Limits For Spear Fishing?

You can only catch a maximum of 5 fish (I would assume no more than 2 Dorado, 2 Rooster etc.)

How Many Fish Can I Catch And Release?

You can catch and release as many fish as you want.

How Many Hooks Can Be On A Line?

You can only have up to 4 hooks on your line.

What Is The Cost Of A Fishing License?

AS of 6/2/2021 the price listed is as follows:

  • Day $ 243.00 MXN

  • Week $ 478.00 MXN

  • Month $ 673.00 MXN

  • Year $ 868.00 MXN

Mexico Fishing License Cost And Where To Purchase

AS of 6/2/2021 the price listed is as follows:

  • Price per person per day $ 243.00 MXN

  • Price per person per week $ 478.00 MXN

  • Price per person per month $ 673.00 MXN

  • Price per person per year $ 868.00 MXN

Can I Get A Mexican Fishing License Online?

Yes, you can get a Mexican Fishing License online here: 

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