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Taxi Service In Loreto, Mexico

Taxi Service in Loreto, Loreto Taxi, costs
Taxi Service in Loreto, Loreto Taxi, costs

Cost of Taxis In Loreto, Mexico

  • Airport to City/Loreto Bay. Taxis at the airport are more expensive than around town or Loreto Bay. Only one hand picked taxi company can pick up people at the airport. They cost about 400 to 500 Pesos ($20 to $25 USD) to go to town or Loreto Bay, which is overpriced compared to normal taxi prices.

  • Once you are in the city of Loreto or in Loreto Bay, it becomes cheaper. Taxis in Loreto (not the airport) cost 300 Pesos ($15 USD).

  • City/Loreto Bay to the Airport. To get a taxi from the city of Loreto or Loreto Bay to the airport costs 300 Pesos (15 USD). These taxi drivers can drop off people at the airport, they just can't pick them up from Loreto's airport.

  • Loreto Bay to the City. Taxis cost the same to go from your lodging in Loreto Bay, to the City of Loreto too, or vice versa.

  • Where to Find a Taxi. Taxis are usually waiting in Loreto Bay by the hotel and are found all around the city of Loreto. 

Taxi from the Airport

Here are some pictures of the prices at the airport


How to get a taxi in Loreto Bay?

Loreto Bay has a "taxi stand" of sorts, but it is fairly informal and doesn't always have a taxi waiting to take you town or the airport. If available, these taxis will be waiting across the street from Wine Cellar at Nopolo

Taxi Phone Numbers

If you aren't able to find a taxi in one of the above places, try one of the numbers below. If you're not sure how to dial, check our page on calling numbers in Mexico

  • +52 (613) 109-0493

  • +52 (613) 135-0047

  • +52 (613) 135-0915

Should I get a Taxi or Rent a Car?

Personally, I think getting a taxi in Loreto is the best option if you don't plan on driving hundreds of miles. Even though using taxis would cost $35 per day to drive into the city and back, which equals $245.00 per week (chances are you won't drive into the city of Loreto every day).

And if you get into an accident the taxi driver has to deal with it now and NOT YOU!

Getting a rental car is another option and it sounds cheap at first, but the insurance and taxes are something to consider. Advertised prices are not usually inclusive of everything you need to walk out of the rental agency with keys. 

Another benefit of getting a taxi in Loreto, is you can have a designated driver! After going to town and filling up on Margaritas, its nice to know that you don't have to drive home. Pay for a taxi in Loreto and don't drink and drive. A margarita tastes better knowing you don't have to drive later.

How To Pay For A Taxi  In Loreto?

No credit cards accepted by taxi drivers in Loreto, just cash. The taxi drivers in Loreto seem to prefer Pesos over US dollars. If you pay with USD, the taxi driver may refuse them if the dollars are torn, ripped, damaged or have marks on them. If they do accept US Dollars, it will be at a bad exchange rate. Pesos are easier, so if you plan on getting a taxi in Loreto, bring some pesos or hit an ATM.

Loreto Taxi Tips

Tipping your taxi driver in Loreto is customary.  A dollar or two is just fine. Based on service you can choose to tip the taxi driver more or less. You will probably run into the same Loreto taxi drivers, so treat them well from the start and they will treat you well back. You can also ask for a business card to call and pick you up, especially useful when the taxi stand at Loreto Bay is empty.

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