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San Javier Mission
(1 Hour Drive From Loreto)


History of San Javier Mission Near Loreto

San Javier Mission, which is officially named Misión San Francisco Xavier de Viggé-Biaundó, is one of the best-preserved missions in Baja. San Javier Mission is located about an hour drive from Nopolo/Loreto, through the mountains and canyons.


The Jesuits originally built a mission in the City of Loreto, but because of the lack of dependable water, abandoned that mission in Loreto and searched for a better place. They were told of a more suitable location by local Indians and San Javier Mission was built around 1699.

After just a couple years, San Javier Mission was abandoned because of a threatened Indian revolt, but a year later was reestablished 1702. However, efforts to grow crops proved unsuccessful due to lack of water for irrigation and in 1710, San Javier Mission was moved a few kilometers south to its present location which had a dependable source of water from a spring.


Thereafter, they constructed dams, aqueducts, and stone buildings and became more sustainable. 


However, by 1817, the San Javier Mission was deserted. Today, the church has been restored and is now maintained by Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History

What Else To See in San Javier

The Mission is the highlight of going to San Javier, but there's a few more things to check out before coming back. Most notably, the Olive Tree at the end of a very small hike down a hill, just behind the Mission. There is a suggested donation station on the way. 

Location of San Javier Mission

As a crow flies, San Javier Mission is about sixteen (16) miles from the city of Loreto. To get there by car, it is about twenty-five (25) miles or about an hour drive from Loreto. 

You will take highway 1 south for almost 3 miles and then you will turn right on (west) onto "The Road to San Javier." The paved road meanders through a canyon and crosses a creek bed a few times. You will gain about 1,400 feet in elevation from Loreto to San Javier Mission.


The mission is actually located in the small town of San Javier. Once you enter the town of San Javier, the mission will be on your right hand side.

Loreto Tour Companies To San Javier Mission

Wild Loreto Tours


$72.00    Adult

$36.00    Child 



  • A four-hour San Javier Mission excursion

  • Van transportation

  • Knowledgeable tour guide

  • Real Mexican lunch and refreshments

  • Local English-speaking guide.

San Javier Mission, Loreto, Tours, info

Photo by Business' Website

Tours Loreto

$75.00 Five Hours


Price is per person and includes:


  • Transport from Loreto

  • English speaking guide

  • lunch at local restaurant.

San Javier Mission, Loreto, Tours, info

Photo by Business' Website

Tours By Locals, Rodolpho

$180.00    1 Person

$15.00 each additional person

Five Hours

  • Transportation

  • certified guide

  • bottled water and soft drinks

  • breakfast or lunch at a local restaurant 

San Javier Mission, Loreto, Tours, info

Photo by Business' Website

Sea Kayak Adventures

$95 per person price is for groups of 4+. For groups of 2-3 a $50 per person surcharge applies

  • Full service of our bilingual Sea Kayak Adventures guides

  • Transportation to and from San Javier

  • Authentic Mexican lunch

  • Taxes

San Javier Mission, Loreto, Tours, info

Photo by Business' Website

Pictures Of San Javier Mission Near Loreto

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