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Catamaran Tours Loreto, Mexico

Catamaran Loreto tour

Catamaran Tours in Loreto, Mexico

Come take a catamaran cruise in Loreto on your next vacation.  Cruising in a catamaran in Loreto is a wonderful way to enjoy the Sea of Cortez powered by the wind. Enjoy music, drinks and good times when you take a tour on a catamaran. 

Some Catamaran tours take you to a private beach along the way. There you can enjoy the beautiful waters and secluded sand beaches with your friends. 

You can have the option of taking a private catamaran tour with your family and friends or with other adventurers. Another option is to charter a catamaran all to your self for days or weeks. 

Typical Costs For Catamaran Tour In Loreto

Costs of the tours varies depending on how long you go, how many go with you etc. But they typically start around $75 to $100 per person. 

To charter a catamaran starts at about $600 per day and they may have a minimum day purchase. Prices go up whether you hire a captain and the type/length of the catamaran.

List of Catamaran Businesses in Loreto

ABT Sailing

Price is per person and includes:

What's Included:

  • Sunrise, sunset and everything in between catamaran tours

  • Based out of Puerto Escondido

  • Delicious appetizers

  • All you can drink wine, beer and mixed drinks

  • Offers multi-day charters

Catamaran tours, Loreto, Catamaran, tours
Wild Loreto Tours




Price is per person and includes:

What's Included:

  • Two-hour catamaran excursion

  • Open bar: Beer, wine, cocktails, and water

  • Chips, salsa, and guacamole dips

Catamaran tours, Loreto, Catamaran, tours
Tours by Locals

$402.00 for four persons


Your cruise will last about 4 hours departing from Puerto Escondido Harbor:


You will anchor at one of the island to relax, have lunch and some time to swim or explore the island.

Guide is Rodolfo

Catamaran tours, Loreto, Catamaran, tours
West Coast Multihulls

$ Not listed on website


They provide chartering catamarans and sailboats.


You can hire a captain or go "barefoot."

Catamaran tours, Loreto, Catamaran, tours

Photo by Business' Website

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