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Directions And Map To Cross Border From Mexicali (West) To Calexico


Mexicali West To Calexico Border Crossing Directions

It can be pretty confusing to get across the Mexicali West Border to Calexico, CA. Seems like the driving apps will show you the fastest way which is only possible if you have a Sentri pass.

Note: The "map" applications will take you directly to the border by using "Calzada de Los Presidentes" road, all the way from the south to the north. This will not work unless you have the Sentri Lane Pass.

In order to cross the Mexicali / Calexico border crossing, you will need to get to the northernmost roads that go east to west or west to east, on either side of the border crossing. So, there are two choices, to cross the Mexicali border, coming from the west or coming from the east.


Two Choices To Cross The Mexicali West To Calexico Border

From the East

Take any road that is not terribly busy and is safe (bigger roads) to go from Highway 5 to "Cristobal Colon" Road (which runs parallel to the US/ Mexico Border).

One option is when you are on the 5 headed north, you can take Benito Juarez. This is basically an extension of the 5 and puts you through a "safer" route. You will eventually turn on Calzada Justo Sierra, and then you can take that down to reach Cristobal Colon. This is our preferred route. Here is a link to a Juice bar located near the intersection of Cristobol Colon: that you can use in your navigation, or embedded below:


Once on "Cristobal Colon" Road, head west (or left) and it will turn into the road you will use to cross the border. 

From the West

You will need to exit Highway 5 and get to "Avenue Baja California". Take "Avenue Baja California" west for a little while and then take a right on a street that will take you north to "Internacional" Road.


There are choices of which road to take north because the border traffic will back up and if you try to go "north" too soon, chances are the people in line won't let you merge into traffic or the lane to the border is separated by a concrete median. 


Once you are on "Internacional" Road, you will head east (Stay in the lanes that have signs saying Calexico) and then south, from there you will do a circle to head north to the border.

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