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Best Places To Stay In Loreto Bay

Choose From Hotel, Villas And Condos

Loreto Bay has several options available for places to stay. You can choose from the Loreto Bay Golf Resort & Spa located right on Loreto Bay, a beautiful villa or a condo.

The Villas and Condos are rented out using property managers and rental platforms like Airbnb. You get quite a bit for the price when you rent a villa.


Or you can choose the Loreto Bay Hotel and get more service amenities and a great beachfront location.

Loreto Bay Golf And Resort

Lodging in Loreto, Lodging, Loreto, Hotels, Villas & Condos
Loreto Bay Hotel

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Hotel Loreto Bay is beautiful, featuring refreshing pools, delicious restaurants and located right on Loreto Bay with direct access to the beach. The hotel is located on the southern end of Loreto Bay and surrounded by scenic views of the estuary, Sea of Cortez, golf course, mountains and Nopolo rock.


Hotel Loreto Bay is about $100.00 per night and reservations can be made online or over the phone. They have options to include breakfast during your stay. They also provide a pool side bar, so you can order your margaritas without leaving the water.

Address: Blvd. Paseo Misiòn de Loreto S/N. Colonia Nopolò
Phone number: 613 133 0010
Whatsapp: 5579156848

Rent A Villa In Loreto Bay

Lodging in Loreto, Lodging, Loreto, Hotels, Villas & Condos

The Villas in Loreto Bay are amazing. For your lodging needs, we recommend getting one of these! Some 2 Bedroom Villas can run from $75.00 to $120.00 per night. I've seen 1 bedrooms at $60.00 per night! You can rent them through AirBnB, Homeway or VRBO. The Villas in Loreto Bay will most likely have a full kitchen, usually an out door barbecue and courtyard. Some Villas in Loreto Bay may even come with extras like bikes and golf carts. 

Villa location. When you are on AirBnB or other rental sites, they may not tell you the exact location of the Loreto Bay Villa. This is in part due to security reasons. What I suggest, is email/message the host and ask them either the villa number OR what part of Loreto Bay are they located and which restaurants they are near. From there you will get a better idea where they are located.


If they have the number listed like FN165, you can check out the map of Loreto Bay to see where it is located.


The "FN" stands for Founders Neighborhood and is located in the southern part of town and closer to the beach and hotel.


"AV" stands for Agua Viva and is located in the northern part of town. It is still pretty cool and next to some great dining (like Azul), but if you want quick access to the beach near the hotel,  I would recommend renting a golf cart.

There are multiple renting options for Loreto Bay listed below:

Rent A Condo On The Southern End Of Loreto Bay

Lodging in Loreto, Lodging, Loreto, Hotels, Villas & Condos

There are two sets of condominiums located on the southern end of Loreto Bay, a bit to the east of Loreto Bay Hotel. Both condos feature private pools, a marina and breathtaking views of the golf course, estuary, Sierra de la Giganta Mountains and the Sea of Cortez.


One condo is five levels (with elevators) situated in the south-eastern portion of Loreto Bay and just a short five minute walk to the beach.

The other condo is actually two sets of three level condos and is just a bit closer to the beach.

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