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Tourist Information About Loreto Bay


SO WHAT IS LORETO BAY? Here is a way to describe Loreto Bay: Its a gringo, (tourist and retiree) community the size of a housing tract, that has about ten restaurants and a few small mini-markets. It spans from north to south for about 3/4 of a mile.

Loreto Bay is a master-planned community, developed on the idea of an urbanization feel with traditional Mexican style. All the villas and commercial properties look similar from the outside.

On the southern end, by the estuary, there are two sets of condos. Moving toward the north, you will find the Loreto Bay Hotel and you will also find yourself in the "Founder's Neighborhood" of Loreto Bay. 

Pass the golf course and keep heading north and you will see a bright green building. You are now in the Agua Viva Neighborhood of Loreto Bay.

Where Is Loreto Bay Located?

map of loreto

Loreto Bay, is about a 10 minute drive south of the city of Loreto and only about 5 minutes south of Loreto airport. You can enter Loreto Bay by either its north entrance or its south entrance.

IS LORETO BAY AND NOPOLO THE SAME? Now to be fair, Nopolo is actually separate from Loreto Bay. Nopolo is located just north of Loreto Bay and has a few dozen homes. However, Loreto Bay can be considered a community of Nopolo. The "Whales Inn" Hotel made Nopolo home until it closed down around 2008. Nopolo is surrounded by thick vegetation (almost a jungle in some spots) and the homes there are situated in a more rural setting.

Brief History Of Loreto Bay

hacienda building, loreto bay

THE HOA SAVED LORETO BAY. Loreto Bay started to be built around 2005, but a few years later, ran into trouble in the housing crash/recession in 2009. At times, there were unfinished villas with rebar popping out from the walls. Persistence and passion kept pushing the project forward and Loreto Bay continued to be built.


Much of its success seen today was due to the Loreto Bay HOA. The HOA was able to "privatize" projects by using vision of its residents and the HOA dues. Today Loreto Bay is a sight to be seen. Just gorgeous.

Loreto Bay Amenities

Loreto Bay Hotel
Hotel loreto Bay

Within Loreto Bay, there is the beautiful Loreto Bay Golf and Resort which is located right on the beach! The hotel offers two refreshing pools, (one with a pool side bar). There is an outdoor bar and restaurant in the pool area and they also have an indoor restaurant as well. There are several palapas on the beach where you can order drink service and food.

Golf Course
Loreto Bay Golf course

Sandwiched between the mountains and the sea, is a beautiful 18 hole golf course. The course meanders around the villas of Loreto Bay, the estuaries and the sea cliffs.

The entrance of the golf course is located in the "middle" of Loreto Bay. They offer golf carts and clubs you can rent. There used to be a restaurant at the golf course and hopefully another one can take its place some day. 

Kayak And Paddle Boarding
loreto bay beach

There is a kayak and paddle board shack located just north of the hotel. If it's not windy, the shack is usually open. Sometimes, the water can be so clear, you can just look down as you are paddling and see the tropical reef fish.

You can also venture around Nopolo Rock and into Loreto Bay's estuary. There, the calm waters are lined with mangroves. 


loreto bay snorkeling

You may not realize that there are thousands of fish right in Loreto Bay unless you put your mask on and find out. Just grab your snorkeling gear and swim around Nopolo Rock and you will be taken away to a different world.


loreto bay food

There are about 10 restaurants in Loreto Bay scattered across the main Paseo. Many of the restaurants' hours change constantly or they may be temporarily closed. The winter time is busier and they tend to be open more often. The Wine Cellar and Pedro's are pretty dependable. La Sirena Baja Café is great place for breakfast (closed Sundays though) or Le Bistro. 


loreto bay pool

There are three pools located around Loreto Bay. In order to use them, you have to be either an owner, renter or a guest of one.

The Lap Pool can be used even if you are not doing laps, however you must defer to anyone who are doing laps or walking the lanes. It is suggested to use the other two pools for families and children, although it is not a requirement. 

Hiking / Walking

loreto bay hiking

There are a few places you can enjoy a hike or a walk. The most obvious is the beach. You can start at the hotel and go as long as you want. Even to town if you have enough time.


You can also hike Nopolo Rock. To get there, cross the golf course towards the rock and you should see some arrows at the entrance. Another hike is back behind the 14th tee box. You will see a feint trail above the tee box (not marked).

Mini Markets

loreto bay la cholla mini market

MINI-MARKETS. There are three mini-markets in Loreto Bay. La Cholla is located in the middle and has a good selection of things. Then there are two located in the northern neighborhood (Agua Viva). One is Modelorama, which is more of a beer store and prices are decent and then there is Pedro's General Store, which has more specialty items.

24/7 Security
loreto bay security sign

There is onsite 24/7 security in Loreto Bay. They check who is coming in and out, safety issues, complaints and general assistance. They are located next to La Cholla mini-market (middle of town/west side). +52 613 104 5790. 

Busy Time Of Year In Loreto Bay: Loreto Bay is busiest from November to April. This is when the snowbirds come down from Canada, Pacific Northwest or from some other cold place in the winter. 

From July to October, Loreto is pretty hot. That does not mean its a terrible time to visit. In fact, people who are used to the heat like Arizonians, Southern Californians and Texans love it. Loreto Bay may be just as hot as where they are from, but when you visit Loreto Bay, there is a HUGE swimming pool known as the Sea of Cortez to cool you off.

nopolo, loreto bay

The Vibe In Loreto Bay

The town of Loreto Bay is nothing like the city of Loreto. There isn't the hustle and bustle of a city. It is quietly filled with retirees and tourists from the US and Canada. Some live here permanently, some are snow birds and some are here for a few days or weeks.

Many of Loreto Bay's residents bought property in the 2000's when they were in their 50's and 60's. Now that they have grown older, they tend to to do more retired stuff, like reading a book, eating some food and hanging out with their friends.

As a heads up, if you rent a villa and play loud music etc. your neighbors will most likely complain.


However, there is a growing number of people who are buying property here, that are in their 40's and 50's.  And, there are still quite a few people who have lived here a while and enjoy a more active/social lifestyle.


If you want to be a little loud, then just head down to the beach or to Hotel Loreto Bay. Put your chair in the water and have a drink or several drinks. Just remember to put on some sunblock. The Loreto Bay sun can be quite intense.

Loreto Bay's Water Features & Landscaping

loreto bay information

There are at least 31 water features throughout Loreto Bay. In addition, you will see that the landscaping has been well planned and is immaculate. There are so many different varieties of trees and plants that you can walk around for hours and still find ones that you have never seen before.


Below is a link to see all the different fountains and water features in Loreto Bay.

Some Of The Unfinished Projects You May See. There are a few unfinished projects around Loreto Bay. However, Loreto Bay has done a  good job in "hiding" the look of being unfinished, by having the exterior completed first on any project. The HOA will also manipulate landscaping to minimize the unfinished look as well.

Loreto Bay is still growing. The "Hacienda" building, has sat abandoned since around 2009. The building was purchased in 2020 with the hopes of revitalizing it into a boutique hotel, restaurant and commercial space.

The two large buildings in the middle of town are known locally as the "Posada" buildings. They are supposed to be condos for purchase as well as commercial space on the lower level. As of 2021, many of the units have not been sold.

Years ago, there was a vision for a "Beach Club," located between the Posada buildings. The Beach Club was going to have a lazy river, surrounded by bars and restaurants. It does not appear that any development will happen in the near future (let alone a beach club).

A Convention Center was partially completed (with no current plans to complete) in the northern neighborhood of Agua Viva.

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