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Volaris Tijuana -> Loreto

Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 11.27.23.png


Price: Round-trip flights as low as $100 - $130



    Monday: 4:30 PM

    Sat, Tues: 1 PM


    Monday: 1:15 PM

    Sat, Tues: 10 AM


If you are from Southern California, the best way to get to Loreto is by flying out of Tijuana on Volaris. It is very safe and you never have to really "cross the border." You'll be able to park you car in the United States and then enter the "Cross Border Xpress" which has a bridge which leads you right into the Tijuana airport.

​Total flight time:  About 1.5 hours!​

One personal item included. 

  • $10 to add a carry-on

  • $40 to add checked luggage up to 50 pounds

  • $14 to Choose your seats

Calafia: Tijuana -> Loreto


Price:                     Round-trip flights ~$250



    Thu, Sat: 2:20 PM


    Thu, Sun: 3:30PM

Photo by Luisf ramirez12

Calafia also flies out from Tijuana airport and can be accessed by the Cross Border Xpress. It can be a little more expensive than Volaris (around $250 RT) and flies on a smaller plane which carries about 50 passengers (3 seats per row, one to the left of the aisle and two seats to the right of the aisle).

You get one checked luggage up to 55 pounds and one carry-on up to 22 pounds INCLUDED. Choosing your seats costs about $15.00 round trip.

Be careful, the carry-on size is MUCH smaller than a standard carry-on, and you will be forced to check anything larger!

Alaska Airlines: Los Angeles -> Loreto


Price: Round-trip flights are usually around $400

Days:                     Flights are available Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday


If you don't live near the US/Mexico border and need to go through LAX, this is the way to do it. It is more expensive than Volaris and Calafia from Tijuana, but they get the job done (You just have to go to LAX 🙄)


  • You get one carry-on up to 20 pounds INCLUDED

  • It is $30 for one checked luggage costs up to 50 pounds.

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