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Local news about Loreto

It's hard to find news about Loreto, Mexico. Below are links to different websites that provide news about Loreto. Some of the links are to news sites for all of Baja California Sur and then to their "Loreto" section.

It's pretty difficult to find one site with reliable news about Loreto (and in English). Much of the news about Baja California Sur relates to Loreto, since the communities are very much inter-connected, albeit far apart.

You can also find Loreto Facebook Groups to join. Although not a "news" site, you can learn quite a bit about Loreto.

News Loreto, Mexico, Noticias


@BCS Noticias provides news for all of Baja California Sur. The link below will send you to the news relating to Loreto.


Nopolo News provides a more "Community" based approach to news about Loreto and Nopolo


El Sudcaliforniano provides news regarding Southern Baja. El Sudcaliforniano means "The South Californian." The Link directs to to news about Loreto.


This is a private Facebook Page that you can request to join. Its a lot like the community Facebook pages in the US, but about Loreto. You can get a good glimpse of the day-to-day life. 


Although the name says La Paz, they have a section dedicated to Loreto. too. They also provides news for other cities in Baja California Sur.


Stay up to date on what's happening in Loreto. Click on one of the links to visit a website that gives you the news of Loreto, Mexico. News from the local Loreto people and news from news organizations are some of the ways you can learn about what goes on in Loreto.  

If you are thinking about moving down to Loreto, it is a great idea to know more about Loreto before you go. Loreto news will give you an idea of how crime, utilities, weather, social events, activities, commerce affect the day-to-day lives of the people of Loreto. 

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