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Vista Al Mar (The Clam Shack)


Highway 1




  • This little clam shack has delicious seafood fresh from the water. It is accessible from the highway just south of Loreto. Do not miss the Chocolate Clams! Named for the color of their shells, this clam is heavenly. Pairs well with Modelo …More

  • If you're not having a good time here, you're doing "it" wrong. Try the raw clams, whole fish, seafood tower, fish tacos, and shrimp soup!!!!! Great hospitality and even better seafood! Ask for Carlos or Cristo. P.S. - can't beat the view

  • Clams as you would expect were terrific and plentiful. Great friendly service and lives up to its name (as a clam shack) in the most positive way.

  • Perfect Baja experience if what you are expecting is the freshest seafood served on a plastic table with plastic chairs under palm fronds with unobstructed views of the Sea of cortez. My only regret was not visiting more often.

  • Very nice place...beautiful view of mar de cortez....delicious food

  • The Clam Sack is a great little beach side seafood restaurant. We had both the clams and scallops both with garlic. They were both the excellent. We would definitely return when we are back in the area.

  • Great clams and aguachiles! And you can’t beat the view and fresh sea air!

  • Great place for the freshest seafood near Loreto. Chocolate clams are a must have.

  • The restaurant is just in front of the beach! The view is amazing and relaxing!
    They serve the freshest seafood ever!

  • I'm here now and haven't tasted anything yet except the totopos and salsa, and I'm already giving 5 stars! Get out of your damn resort and see some real Mexico. You took the time to fly down here; get some pesos and experience the country like the people who live here! You won't regret it. Oh, and the food is amazing.

  • If you come to Loreto you eat at Vista Al Mar (aka The Clam Shack). We had Fish Tacos, Octopus Tacos, baked Clams with Garlic and Butter and the most flavorful Shrimp Cocktail ever... and the Margaritas were a fresh compliment to the meal. I highly recommend. 🤩👍

  • I could enjoy this restaurant for hours. Beach, shade and breezy atmosphere was perfect. Food and service was great too!

  • We had a delicious seafood lunch with an incredible view, friendly staff and delicious ice cold pitcher of lemonade. A perfect stop! Breakfast menu available at lunch.

  • It is my favorite place in Loreto. They even made flan for my daughters birthday.

  • Delicious food and very fresh. We ask for aguachile and ceviche and both were very good. Also, attention is very efficient and kind, they received us with greetings and smiles. …More

  • Best tacos de pulpo, suoer fresh great service. One of my favorite stops

  • What a perfect spot to have lunch! Unfortunately, our first time there was our last day in Loreto Bay 😥. We would have gone more than once if we had found it earlier. Delicious food, fantastic service from Carlos and his mates, and absolutely beautiful spot on the ocean.

  • A must stop if on the road, delicious fresh seafood and the prices are great.

  • Great place to eat on the beach

  • Everything is good. Flan, clams shrimp, staff. A++


  • Also known as the Clam Shack. If you like chocolate clams (the shell color, not the flavor) then this is your place. Also excellent shrimp cocktail. Peaceful rustic location at the edge of a beautiful bay.

  • Almejas Rancheros - delicious, similar to a Manhattan style (red) clam chowder

  • Super fresh seafood directly from the Gulf of California at very fair prices. This is not fine dining and bring cash, but the quality of the food is fabulous.

  • Excellent food! Great price! Raw Clam was very good. I thought I was getting a couple clams for the price, but I've got a dozen!

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